Star News SNSD Interview 2

(Reporter Park Youngwoong)
Q: Despite being busy for promotions in Japan, you made a surprise comeback here at home.
Tiffany: It was really hard to come back without the fans knowing. We wanted to hurry up and tell everyone that we were going to come back, but it was fun to see the fans so surprised. We ended up working harder at the thought of surprising the fans.

Q: This is the 3rd time you’re promoting at the same time as 2AM
[Note from translator: I’m going to skip this because it’s the same word for word as Part 3 of Seoul News interview]

Q: SNSD’s new retro concept is very unique.
Sooyoung: We first had the idea of going with a retro concept. We thought of 007 concepts and cowboy concepts, and thought it would be neat to have a South-West American feel to the music video. We’re happy that things turned out well. When the retro concept was decided, the members showed a lot of interest by looking for hairstyles and outfits ourselves. Super Junior’s Shiwon also gave off a James Bond-ish feel in the music video. I think he was a perfect casting in the video.

Q: And Yuri debuted as a lyricist.
Taeyeon: The members wanted to personally participate in the album since a long time ago. We’ve been continually studying composing and writing songs, and both Yuri and Tiffany wrote the lyrics to the song, and in the end, Yuri’s got chosen to be put in the album.
Yuri: My song was chosen because my lyrics fit more with the melody and feel of the song. I’ve always wanted to put my thoughts onto our albums, so I’m very happy. I always write down nice phrases or passages when I’m reading books, and this was just a great opportunity for me. I think you can be expectant of more of the members’ own songs in the future. Maybe later, there will come a time when the members will create a whole album ourselves?

Q: Your song “Hoot” came 1st on the charts as soon as it started selling.
Hyoyeon: When it was number 1 song, we were all happy and said, “seriously?”. It would be nice if “Hoot” received love for a long time. We have meetings with each other every day. We monitor ourselves by checking and pointing out each others’ images from performances.

Q: You seem like you’re always busy. How do you spend your free time?
Sooyoung: To be honest, we don’t have much time to rest because we just made a comeback. Instead of resting, we all take time to refresh ourselves. We go out places together or we find good restaurants to eat at, and recharge with new energy. Whenever the fans are worried about our health, we are more strengthened.
Yuri: We always make sure to watch MBC’s “Hot Brothers” nowadays.
[“Hot Brothers”, or 뜨거운 형제들 is a funny variety show.]

Q: Seohyun, what kind of response have you been receiving from Jung Yonghwa lately?
Seohyun: He supported me and said that the song was nice. These days, he is copying the Hoot dance a lot and playing around.
Tiffany: Ever since she started being in this relationship, I think she’s improved at putting emotions into her singing.

Q: Recently at the Daejong Awards performance, the audience reaction made a big issue. What are your thoughts on this?
Jessica: We didn’t know while we were performing. Maybe because it was one of our first performances [with Hoot] we were staring straight ahead and we didn’t really look at the audience. We just performed the best we could.
Taeyeon: As singers, we think that we prepared our movements on stage very well and our outfits were perfectly fitted as well. We worked hard for that performance, so we don’t have much to say about it.
Seohyun: Maybe they were just so focused on watching us.

Q: What are your plans for your upcoming activities?
-> We think that many people were surprised at our sudden comeback. We’re going and back and forth from Japan so we feel like we should be working even harder. Later, we want to eventually go around to other countries to perform.


Source: Star News
Translation: [email protected]