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Asia Economy Interview


SNSD said, “Actually, even before we got 1st place, when we heard that “Genie” made it to 3rd place, all the members cried behind stage. When we returned to Korea, we were resting in our dorm when we heard that “Gee” placed 1st on the Oricon chart. All the members were so dumbfounded, and we couldn’t believe it. I think this was the first time we woke up from our sleep to cry.”

The SNSD members also said that the news was too big of an occasion to pass over, so they had a mini celebratory party.

“President Lee Sooman encouraged us by saying “You did very well,” and gave us celebratory wine. All the members, except the ones who weren’t there, had some wine.” (Laughs)

In Korea, SNSD is an almost 4-year old girl group, but they said they felt like they were going back to their debut days in Japan.

“All 9 members changed their mindset. We returned to our newcomer gestures and even greeted like newcomers. We were careful of our every actions, and just like in Korea, we performed in Japan with a “let’s have fun” attitude.”

SNSD shared that their success in Japan was not easy, and that the burden of entering into Japan was large.

“When we were about to debut in Japan, we felt more burdened than frightened. It was our first foreign debut and because our sunbaes had such good outcomes in the past, we were worried if we’d live up to the same achievements. We also felt that we had to meet the expectations that the foreign fans had of us.

During their time in Japan, one of the biggest issues was their appearance on the NHK 9 o’clock news. It was a rare signt, as news on politics, business, or the economy were pushed back and for about 5 minutes, coverage on foreign girl group SNSD was added.
[Note from translator: Previous articles said that they were on the Korean 9pm news. This article is saying they were on the Japanese news. It probably WAS the Japanese news, not the Korean news T_T]

“We heard later that we were on the NHK 9 o’clock news. It was about current Korean girl groups and their songs, dances, and fashion. We must practice to become as close to perfect as we can to not disappoint the Japanese fans.


“In Korea, there were many samchon[uncle] fans, and in Japan, there are a lot of girl fans in their teens and 20’s. Samchon fans are energized from us and are happier. On the other hand, female fans in Japan want to become more like us and think of us as role models.”

SNSD has earned the nickname “Beautiful Legs group” while promoting in Japan. SNSD’s beautiful body proportions and legs have been very appealing to the Japanese audience. SNSD is thankful for these comments and are also worried at the same time.

“We are very thankful that they say we are a group with beautiful legs. However, our legs have become such a focus that we are worried that our musicality won’t be shown as much.”

Does SNSD have a special way of maintaining their beautiful legs?

“Actually, we don’t have very pretty legs. We’re worried people will found out later. (Laughs) We have a very busy schedule, so we don’t do anything special to maintain them. We do stretching exercises from time to time, if that counts. We each go to our own rooms to stretch. And we also apply baby oil very often.”


“Of course, being 1st on the daily single chart is a big feat, but we still have a long way to go. There’s still the weekly chart, the monthly chart, and the yearly chart. We’re still very hungry.” (Laughs)

Maybe the reason that SNSD was able to grow from Korea’s to Asia’s girl group is that they are not easily satisfied and are always hungry for more as they reach for the top.


Source: Asia Economy
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