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SoShi Interview Part 3

SNSD is driving a long road of success, but they are meeting unfortunate acquaintances on the way. This is the third time just this year to go head-to-head with 2AM. SNSD’s “Oh!”, and “Run Devil Run” promotions overlapped with 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” and “I Did Wrong”. Again, 2AM’s first full album, “Saint Oclock” and SNSD’s “Hoot” have made a simultaneous comeback.

However, SNSD doesn’t view it as competition, they think it as something fun. Taeyeon said, “We are very close with the 2AM members. Yoona was even on a variety show with Jokwon before. With our new comebacks, we exchanged CD’s and wished each other well.”

Sunny explained, “It gives us strength to be promoting with other groups our age because we get to talk to each other and we actually like it. It’s not fun to take over everything by yourself. We found that fans found it fun when we were faced with groups that have a totally different concept. It’s nice to listen to both ballad and dance.”

There’s also something that makes the members most happy. This is none other than KkapKwon’s “Hoot” dance parody. Recently at 2AM’s album sale showcase, Jokwon said “I heard ‘Hoot’ and it was so cute. Thank you for giving me another chance to bust out my kkap,” revealing his thoughts on parodying “Hoot”.

About this, Taeyeon shared, “I’m waiting and expectant of Jokwon’s “Hoot” imitation. I heard he’s already mastered it.” Tiffany also expressed her expectation by saying, “Jokwon already showed me his dance. It was cute but I scolded him because he did it flippantly. Not long after, he started doing the dance even better that us.”


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Source: Seoul News NTN
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