Could SNSD Yoona ever meet her picked ideal type, Kimura Takuya?

Oricon exhibited a list of “Battle of Red and White Song”, as the expected red is SNSD, and white is singer Kimura Takuya of SMAP chosen. ‘SNSD’ appearing makes the possibility to be higher.

However, the two meeting isn’t for sure.

SNSD’s second Japanese released single ‘Gee’ ranked 2nd on Japan Oricon chart, the record high score for international women groups. In addition, they were also active in the Japan NHK music program, as people saying they will probably appear in the “Battle of Red and White Song”.

Yoona said, “I’m going to study Japanese and when I meet him, I’ll greet him.”

However, SM did not confirm the situation. “We did not receive any offer for appearance. By December, the roster of performers will come out.

On Novembr 2, when Yoona met reporters, she revealed “I will love Kimura Takuya forever,” wanting to appear in the “Battle of Red and White Song”,

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