Jessica, member of Asia’s representative girl group SNSD, has had her Twitter account suspended just 3 days after opening it.

Jessica opened her personal Twitter on October 13th. However, radical international anti fans began reporting Jessica’s Twitter as spam in large quantities. Eventually, Twitter automatically suspended her account. Nowadays, other members currently don’t use mini homepages or Twitter. When Jessica opened her Twitter, many SNSD fans had high hopes for it.

Then, anti fans abused Twitter’s rules. Through their extreme behavior, Jessica’s Twitter was forced into suspension. Fans’ voices strengthened as they blamed the anti fans, “They have interest (in SNSD), but it’s a really bad interest.” “How do things like this happen?” and “This sucks. Can’t Twitter do something?”

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UPDATE: Also, it seems Twitter has just un-suspended Sica’s twitter! :D
UPDATE 2: It seems the account no longer “exists”, as if someone deleted it or something…