Actor Park Sangmyun shared an episode of meeting SNSD on stage and experiencing distress. (T/N: This is an error in the original article because this article talks about singer Park Sangmin)


He stirred up interest by saying, “I’m not an honorary ambassador through just my name, I also participate and play excitedly. I’ve also done many performances. But last year, I met SNSD and felt like dying.”

Also he said, “The event coordinator just had to put me after SNSD’s stage and the excited atmosphere disappeared all of a sudden (when I went on stage). I had a really difficult time trying to bring it back. I don’t think I’ll be senselessly put after SNSD again.”


Article by: Kim Jihyun
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
Original article: [Click]

*Omitted parts irrelevant to SNSD