In the first half of this year, Korean girl groups seem to be more popular in sales than boy groups. Girl groups are much more active on variety shows then boy groups as well.

With one week left of the first half of the year, the sales charts shows that out of the top ten selling albums, 9 albums are from idol groups.

Within this 10 top, there are five boy idol groups and two girl idol groups. In record sales, the boy groups seem to be stronger then girl groups.

These two girl groups are SNSD and Kara.

SNSD’s 2nd album “Oh!” that was released in January sold 117,633 copies (up till now) and now sits in second place. In the same time, SNSD’s repackaged album sold 48,827 copies and sits in third place.

Kara released “Lupin” in February and it sold 23,276 ranking ninth on the list. “Lupin” showed Kara’s charisma rather than then their pretty and cute side.

SNSD and Kara are the two girl groups that are keeping pride for the girl groups of Korea. They will both enter the Japanese scene in August and thus a rivalry seems like it will be born.

On the other hand, Super Junior took first place with their fourth album. Last May, Super Junior released their fourth album featuring their title song “Bonamana” and it has sold 119,167 copies (as of June 22nd). Their repackaged album also sold 45,733 copies and was ranked fourth.

In 5th, was the four member boy idol group 2AM with their album “Even if I die, I can’t sent you” (34,474), in 5th was the six member boy group 2PM with their album “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” (29,381), in 8th was BEAST with their mini album “Shock of the new era” (24,236) and in tenth was SS501 with their mini album “Destination” (19,790).

Superstar Rain released his album “Back to the Basic” in April and was ranked 6th with 33,764 copies sold. He was the only solo artist that was featured in the top ten.

When calculating total albums sold since their debut up until June 22nd 2010, SNSD, who debuted in 2007, takes first place with 183,713 copies followed by Super Junior, who debuted in 2005, with 178,038 copies.

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***Yay for SM, conquering in sales. Continue the great work sones.