[Newsen Reporter Kim So He]

Ok Taecyeon’s outright and aggressive love to Yoona unfolds.

Ok Taeyeon’s, on June 6th SBS’s broadcasting show “I Love Sunday” Part 1 “Family Outing 2” (also known as Family Outing) impromptu meeting exposes his blatant interest in Yoona.

Ok Taecyeon’s radiating charm to Rain’s costume firsthand imitated “Love Song” and matched to Rain’s dance perfectly. Especially, the song’s highlight was when he was on his knees in front of Yoona and did his abs performance, causing people to be stunned.

Approaching the blushing Yoona, Ok Taecyeon said “I prepared to congratulate your Coming of Age day” and takes out a perfume, causing Yoona to be surprised. Ok Taecyeon confessed “Your first and last Coming of Age Day, I hope to spend it with you”.

After that, Yoona said “The best” and could not hold her surprise and emotions. For Taecyeon, Yoona exposed her waist, with bold costumes, and did a sexy dance, causing the atmosphere to burn hotly.

Together, they even showcased a couple dance, the two people at the last moment were matched together, in which a heartwarming couple was born.

Translated by: Yeji
Credits to: Newsen 김소희 [email protected]
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