This Time is Red Soshi? SNSD Star Card Sale

After ‘Black Soshi’ now it’s ‘Red Soshi’?

SBS Contents Hub will start Pre-Sales of SNSD’s ‘Star Collection Card Season 2(Shortened into Star Card)’ starting on Friday through GMarket & Auction.

Star Cards are cards with that are printed with the star’s undisclosed pictures and it is an excellent merchandise to buy. Last December, Dong Bang Shin Ki & So Nyuh Shi Dae Star Cards were released for the first time. So far, the cumulative sales of the cards are 1.3 Million packs which is a very surprising record, and it continues to gain increasing popularity. This time, to match the World Cup season, ‘So Nyuh Shi Dae Star Card Season 2’ is being released.

For SNSD Star Card Season 1, a total of 99 different cards were available, but for Season 2 a total of 153 different cards are available. With an increase of 54 more cards from the previous season, you can own a bigger variety of SNSD’s unrevealed cuts. Out of the 153 new cards, 45 of the cards are composed of World Cup versions of SNSD, which we have never seen before. With the sense of wishing the Republic of Korea the best for their advancement into the Final 16, all the packs include at least 1 Card of ‘Red Soshi’.

Also SNSD Autographed cards, a Piece Card which has a piece of the clothing worn by SNSD attached (Example is the Sooyoung Card shown above), Micro Cards, Rainbow Foil Holographic Cards, Color Foil Cards, are rare cards, which are high in scarcity, that will also be included. Fans have stated, “These kinds of goods are exactly what I wanted!” With the amount of appraisal and the great response, Season 2 will be released.

Starting on Friday, the pre-sales for SNSD Star Card Season 2 will be held for exactly 1 week only through GMarket & Auction. The first 5,000 Online Customers will be given 1 pack of Star Card Season 1 free of charge, on a first come first serve basis. 1 Set of 15 Packs (30,000 KRW/Approx $30 USD) will be offered along with free shipping, a display box and a contest giveaway coupon at the time of purchase. Some of the giveaway prizes are: a SNSD autographed classical guitar, a Nintendo DSi with Seohyun’s autograph, a SNSD autographed high-class binoculars, and also the items used while shooting this World Cup Version, World Cup T-Shirt, Soccer Cheering Towel, Bandanas, and Soccer Cheering Accessories have been prepared as well.

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