[Unionpress=Go Kyungmin reporter] On MBC (WGM2), with fresh love, the Jung Yonghwa-Seohyun, a.k.a. Yongseo couple, tries a ‘couple bank account’.

On the 5th, WGM2 will be broadcasted and last week, to celebrate their ‘TwoTwo day’, the Yongseo couple tried ‘couple blood donation’. This time, they’ll create a ‘couple bank account’ and preparations for their actual marriage life will be in effect. However, for this young couple who hasn’t gone to banks much, the bank is unfamiliar and they went into a panic mode.

While they were barely managing to open a bank account, there was an incident that made the two of their eyes widen. They discovered a questionable bank account that was already opened by Jung Yonghwa, which Jung Yonghwa himself didn’t know about. Also, until recently, there has been a significant amount of transactions which increased the two people’s questions.

On the other hand, before removing the label of ‘future couple’ and becoming an official couple, their last schedule involved going on a 2 day trip to Jungdongjin on a train and on the train, the Yongseo couple shared their intentions, which they hadn’t had a chance to do so far. In particular, Jung Yonghwa revealed that he was hurt and sad by his wife Seohyun’s remark on a radio.

What Jung Yonghwa become sad about because of Seohyun, and the identity of the ‘questionable bank account’, all these episodes of the forthcoming official couple will be revealed at 5:15PM on the 5th through WGM2.

Picture credits to: MBC
Article written by: Go Kyungmin reporter
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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