[Newsen Kim Sohee reporter]

Yoona received a happy birthday from ‘FO2’ members.

On May 31st, at the filming of the 1st part of SBS ‘Good Sunday’, ‘Family Outing’, there was a birthday party for SNSD’s Yoona.

During a phone interview, the producers of ‘FO2’ said
“Yoona’s birthday was on the previous day, May 30th. On this day (the 31st), after finishing their schedules, the members (Kim Wonhee, Yoon Sanghyun, Ji Sangryul, Shin Bongsun, Jokwon (2AM), Yoona (SNSD), and Ok Taekyeon (2PM) had a birthday party for Yoona.”

The producers said, “They smeared cake on each others’ faces and played pranks and it was an amicable atmosphere.” and “After getting ready to sleep, the members had to wash up again”, sharing behind the scene stories.

It was said that on that day, the special guest, Gain, while everyone was washing up for the second time, said that she couldn’t let anyone see her makeup-less face and was the only one that didn’t wash up.

On the other hand, that day’s filming was of the ‘best friend special part 2’ and BEG’s Gain, Kara’s Nicole, and actors Shin Hyunjoon and Gong Hyungjin participated in the filming. Scenes of a 100 year old mother’s birthday party that were recorded at Jeonnam Damyang will be shown on June 13th.

Yoona’s filmed birthday scenes will be shown on June 13th and 20th, for 2 weeks.

Article written by: Kim Sohee, Newsen reporter
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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