[TVDaily= Choi Joonyong Reporter] Fans of Girls’ Generation have posted up a newspaper advertisement to congratulate Yoona’s (Real Name Im Yoona, 21) birthday and have done a charitable work.

Fans of Girls’ Generation have posted up their congratulating advertisement through this one newspaper on 28th to celebrate Yoona’s 21st birthday. It was an advertisement that was assumable for their passion towards Yoona.

Yoona’s birthday is on May 30th. The reason why they posted up on 28th was because of the nature of newspaper media, there will be a low frequency for students or an office workers to notice the advertisement.

Prior to this, Yoona had a small birthday party with her fans on her company, SM Entertainment’s building on last 17th. It is known that her members have also participated in this party.

Also, fans of Girls’ Generation have donated 2,000,000 Won (approximately $2000 USD) on ‘Incheon House of Opening Tommorow Sea Side Child Center’ using Yoona’s real name ‘Im Yoona’, which evoked a warmness.

[TVDaily= Choi Joonyong Reporter issue@tvdaily.co.kr / Credits: SNSD Official Fansite ‘Cistus’]

Translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
Credits to: Cistus, TVdaily.co.kr (Choi Joonyong Reporter)
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