SNSD’s Yoona has revealed that she feels upset and lonely when the rest of the members are having group activities without her due to her drama filming.

Yoona recently expressed her honest feelings in individual activities in KBS 2TV’s “Story Show Rock” where all of SNSD attended as guests.

Yoona, who was the first member to start individual activities, stated, “It was hard when I was filming dramas, but I felt very lonely and most upset when the other eight members were up on stage without me.” She added, “I would choose to have all nine members performing on stages together rather than individual activities.”

Yoona also made an unexpected remark, “It is all of nine members’ wish that Hyoyeon would go on a reality program. I highly recommend it. I think she’ll do really well.”

On a side note, SNSD, who has started their Asia tour since the 17th have made a comment about foreign fans following along to their dances and songs. “They must have seen it so many times, because they make no mistakes. Even we are amazed at them, and it brings us to tears because we are so thankful. It motivates us to work much harder.”

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Credit: Sosiz