Tiffany, “Sooyoung, drinks and picks a fight” SNSD’s drinking habits revealed

[Newsen Kim Ji Yoon reporter]

SNSD (Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Yoona, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Hyo Yeon and Tiffany) have revealed their members’ drinking habits.

On April 20th, during KBS 2TV “Win/Win” SNSD members were talking about their drinking capacity when suddenly stories such as,
“We tricked Seohyun to drink some alcohol, but she was a good drinker.” and “Tiffany is a heavy drinker”attracted a lot of attention.

Also, on the same day during broadcast Yuri and Sooyoung revealed that, “When Hyo Yeon’s drunk, she tries to organize everything.”
and did an expression of Hyo Yeon in her drunk state, “For instance, ‘the tiles are similar. Tile’s colors is very similar. This tile’s color
is same as our tiles in the bathroom.’ this is what her drinking habits are like” making the audience laugh at how Hyo Yeon turns very
honest after drinking.

Furthermore, Tiffany also revealed that “One day, Sooyoung drank a can of beer and came into the dorm with her face all red. So I asked,
‘Did you drink by any chance?’ and Sooyoung in return answered, ‘Why? I’m not allowed to drink?’ provoking me.” Sooyoung answered
back saying, “If I was under the influence, I shouldn’t be able to remember anything but I remember everything” trying to deny these
accusations but in the end she admitted it stating that, “I was too hasty in my answer” making everyone laugh.

On the other hand, SNSD through the “We Met Now” corner of the show, made the their fan’s happy with the limbo contest in Yeouido.

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**NOTE: I know the whole dialogue thing is confusing, but remember that words inside “_ _ _” are what the members said and words inside
these ‘_ _ _’ are what they said in their “_ _ _”. Also I did a direct word-by-word translation on “We Met Now” corner, so it sounds a bit
awkward, if anyone knows a commonly used title for this part of the show please do message me.**

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