SNSD Hyo Yeon, “Maknae Seohyun uses Jung Yong Hwa to show off”

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun showed off her husband, Jung Yong Hwa, from MBC’s “We Got Married”

On April 20th, during KBS 2TV “Win/Win” Seohyun stated, “At first, (Jung Yong Hwa) was a bit awkward and uncomfortable to be around
with, but he was very thoughtful. He’s very good to me.” which is her honest opinion.

Hyo Yeon, on the other hand, explained that “She keeps showing off even though we don’t want to hear it” and continued on saying
“I’m not even dating so her boasting hurts. But those two really seem to be genuinely dating.” This sudden remark made Seohyun

On that day, SNSD through the “We Met Now” corner of the show, made the their fan’s happy with the limbo contest in Yeouido.

[Newsen Entertainment Division]

**Note: in the original article, it says “나는 연애도 못하고 있는데 자꾸 염장을 지른다.” but I did not make a direct translation just because it was
really hard to find the right words in English. Furthermore, Hyo Yeon is obviously saying all these things in a joking manner.**

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