SNSD Tiffany, Netizen’s choice for #1 killer eye-smile
Kim Dae Won reporter

[NaNum News Kim Dae Won reporter] Netizens have voted popular girl-group idol SNSD Tiffany as the girl with the killer eye-smile

Community portal site,, has been asking people to vote for “Girl idol with a killer eye-smile?” since last June 13th
and Tiffany won the 1st place. Furthermore, Tiffany has also been voted 1st place for the “Pretty eye-smile girl idol star” survey
by EyePlusOphthalmology.

According to’s associates, total of 8623 votes were taken and 2991(34.7%) votes went to Tiffany. Ever since her debut
Tiffany had a slight bent at the end of her eyes attracting a lot of attention. Every time she smiles her eyes would make a half-moon
shape, which helped her get a strong grip on her male fans.

Moving on, Sunny who’s in the same group as Tiffany won 1563 vote(18.1%) and was placed 2nd. Out of all the SNSD members, Sunny
is known for her aegyo. Every time she smiles, her eyes would disappear with her smiles leaving a cute eye-line on her face and anyone
who watches her smiles also felt energized.

3rd place went to Kara’s Han Seung Yeon with a total of 1295 votes (15%). Her cute looks, funky personality and little eye-smile are her
trademark qualities which have been used to seduce a lot of her male fans.

On the other hand, “f(x)’s” Sulli, “2NE1’s” CL, “Kara’s” Nicole, and “BEG’s” Gain followed short.

**READ NOTE: first, when I translate that Tiffany got a strong grip, it means that she was able to get a lot of male fans from her eye smile.
Second, aegyo is a korean word for “acting/being cute”. Third, when I say Han Seung Yeon “seduces” I meant it in a good way, I couldn’t
find a replacement English word that will exactly fit that sentence. Lastly, I’m also a bit of Kara fan so don’t send me hate messages :D**…p;section=sc208
Translator: [email protected]/forums