SNSD members, “Yuri, what are you doing at night with your door locked?”

[TV report Lee Gyung Nam reporter]

Due to SNSD members, Yuri’s mysterious habit has been revealed

On the 10th of April KBS 2TV, “Celebrity Broadcast- Guerilla Interview” featured SNSD who made a comeback
with their latest song, “Run Devil Run”

On that day, SNSD members stated that, “Yuri always locks her door when she’s surfing on the internet.” and
with suspicion in their eyes the members asked, “Why?”.

Furthermore, Yoona questioned “Was it after this incident that Yuri became sexy?” and other members all
laughed, agreeing with her comment. Yuri, on the other, tried to explained that she only locked the door
because she came out of the showers, but other members were too busy teasing her to listen.

In addition, during the “Members asking members” section of the show, Sooyoung asked Taeyeon, “What is the color
of your underwear today?” a question which didn’t fit their usual image made the studio burst into laughter. Taeyeon
who was a bit bewildered by the question quickly recovered and replied, “a bland one” effectively escaping the question.

Taeyeon also sang 2NE1’s music with the dance moves during, “Karaoke-Favorite Music” section of the show and
other members also joined in, attracting a lot of attention.

Yoona also declared, “I want to get married when I’m 27-8 years old”

Pictuers = KBS 2TV “Celebrity Broadcast” screen capture

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