Korea’s best girl groups had a competition from March 29 through April 4 at a portal site. It was for a unique survey inspired by the newly released movie “The Book of Eli”.
The survey was, “If the earth was doomed in 2043 like “The Book of Eli”, which girl group would you want to protect?”

The girl group that netizens want to save the most in human extinction was SNSD. They have won first place with 39% of the votes.

SNSD has recently released the official second album ‘Oh!’, and has been bringing a craze ever since the teaser and currently in top of Asian music charts including Thailand and Taiwan.

Behind SNSD was Kara, who is being loved with their new song ‘Lupin’ with its unique costumes and choreography, in second place with 31% of the votes.

After School was 3rd with 16%, and T-Ara came in 4th with 14% of the votes.

Credit: Sosiz
Translation: typicalharu@soshified.com/forums