SNSD before the “Gee” announcement, escaped from their dorm to go an amusement park

[OSEN = Joe Kyung Lee reporter]

SNSD’s Sunny announced that, “SNSD members have secretly escaped from their dorms so that they could go to an amusement park.”
which surprised everyone.

In SBS’ “Strong Heart”, Sunny came on as a guest and revealed that before the announcement of “Gee” the SNSD members secretly
escaped and recklessness went to an amusement park.

Sunny stated, “We used masks and scarfs to hide our faces so that no one will notice us.” and described how the members had a great
time in the amusement park making the audience laugh.

However, before going back to dorm it seems that they encountered a serious problem that could have had ruined their plan. Their fatal mistake
and story will be revealed on SBS’ “Strong Hearts” on April 6th.

**NOTE: For people who haven’t watched this episode yet, note that only 4 of the members actually escaped :D***