“A pretty smile is the most basic thing.” (Taeyeon) “I wish he was considerate.” (Yoona)

Girl group SNSD has chose their ideal type of guys.

With the 6th annual ‘Mister World Contest’ to be held in Incheon on March 27th, SNSD has revealed the qualifications for their Mr. Right. SNSD will be lighting up the contest as the main guest.

The girls have shyly revealed their unique qualifications prior to meeting representatives of international ‘handsome men’. The nine types of guys told by the nine girls were all different. The qualifications were not limited to facial appearance. Good personality is a must, and warm-hearted guy was a similarity between the girls. We were able to take a peek at SNSD’s tedious side in examining the qualifications one by one. Let’s meet the ideal types of SNSD now.

▲Yuri ‘Warmth’ Sunny ‘Manner’ Seohyun ‘Courtesy’

Yuri, Sunny, and Seohyun chose personality over appearance as their qualifications. For their keywords, Yuri chose ‘warmth’, Sunny chose ‘manner’, and Seohyun chose ‘courtesy’.

“I wish he is really affectionate. A guy that shows his warmth even when you’re just looking at him. I can’t say that he’s a good guy if he’s fussy or sharp.” (Yuri)

“He has to be generous. I wish he is really kind and friendly to elders and children. Wouldn’t a guy like that have good manners with me too?” (Sunny)

“Courtesy is the most important factor. I wish he was a guy who can understand from the opposite point of view, and someone who I can always interact with a smile. Seeing a guy like him will probably make me feel better as well.” (Seohyun)

▲Taeyeon ‘Smile’ Hyoyeon ‘Style’ Jessica ‘First Impression’

Hyoyeon and Taeyeon looked at the guy’s appearances one by one. Taeyeon emphasized on ‘smile’, Hyoyeon on ‘style’, and Jessica chose ‘first impression’, which is in between appearance and feeling.

“Wouldn’t the most basic factor be the guy’s pretty smile? To make their smile shine, it would be nice to have a guy with a clear white skin and red lips. I wish their style would look natural no matter the location or time.” (Taeyeon)

“I want a guy without double eyelids. A smile with corners of lips lifted up would be nice. Sometimes, it wouldn’t be bad to have him lift up the atmosphere with his clumsiness. A good common sense is a must too.” (Hyoyeon)

“I want a guy who gives comfort right from their first impression. Like a person who you feel like you have known them for a long time. My heart moves towards a guy who is considerate and has humor and wit whenever we see each other to not have any uncomfortable moments.” (Jessica)

▲Tiffany ‘Responsibility’ Yoona ‘Consideration’ Sooyoung ‘Passion’

Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Yoona was particularly picky in that there was something that can’t be filled up only with appearance and personality. There has to be a good feeling that has to be passed on to the person. Tiffany chose ‘responsibility’ while Yoona and Sooyoung each chose ‘consideration’ and ‘passion’ as their keyword.

“Appearance and personality is important, but I wish my guy would have a sense of responsibility. Someone who I can trust that’s not too easy, but not too pressuring either. Is my qualification too difficult to understand?” (Tiffany)

“When you say ‘good guy’, I think of my dad. He never lost his calmness in any situation and comforted people considerately. Can I expect that kind of ‘consideration’ from the world’s best guy?” (Yoona)

“I wish he would be passionate in whatever he does. If he has passion, then he’ll know what real love is and how to value his girl. Of course, humor and courtesy is a basic factor.” (Sooyoung)

Credit: Sosiz
Translation: typicalharu@soshified.com/forums