“Is it really Yoona?” SNSD’s new album cover show a surprising image

[Edaily SPN Yang Seung Jun reporter] When will SNSD’s reign end?

SNSD’s new album cover is very overwhelming

On March 19th, SM Entertainment decided to release the new album cover before starting the album sales on the 22nd.
The new album cover that was released today show a woman with her face covered by shadows, wearing tight black
clothing, looking straight and showing off her charisma. According the SM Entertainment, the girl in the picture is Yoona.
In this picture we can see that she turned her usual cute and happy image right around and is now displaying a very powerful
and mature look.

On the other hand, the new song “Run Devil Run” which has a very addictive melody, along with “Echo” and acoustic
version of “Star Star Star” will be included in the re-package album. Also in the re-package album, Black SNSD photos
that reflects the title song “Run Devil Run” will be included along with posters of different members making this new album
a great gift for the fans.

The girls who changed themselves from being cute cheerleaders to “Black SNSD” will be showing their performance on KBS
2TV “Music Bank” on March 19th.

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