“SNSD wins first place two years in a row on Lunar New Year”

SNSD becomes the main again on the Lunar New Year.

On 14th, SBS Inkigayo had a Lunar New Year special, and SNSD won first place for the Mutizen Song with their 2nd album title song, ‘Oh!’

On last Lunar New Year, SNSD have swept various music charts with their ‘Gee’. Not only they won first place two weeks in a row with ‘Oh!’ at KBS2 Music Bank, but on Inkigayo as well.

For their winning speech they said, “We would like to thank our family for praying for us at home. We love them”.

With their ‘Twist dance’ , ‘Crane Bird dance’, and cheerleading fashion concept, SNSD is garnering attention and continuing their syndrome.


Translated by cathode@soshified.com/forums