[Newsen Reporter: Kim Hyungwoo]

SNSD’s new track ‘Oh!’ will be released on the 25th.

SNSD’s title track called ‘Oh!’ will be released through various music websites. In addition to the track release, Soribada.com and Dosirak.com will be offering premium MP3 service download, which will also include SNSD autographs and a designated number. These designated numbers will be selected by SNSD members and prizes will be sent to the respective winners.

There has been much discussions amongst the fans whether if this new track will create another “Gee fever”.

Upon the release of SNSD’s teaser video for their second album title song ‘Oh!‘ on the 23rd at 0:00AM, the servers went down due to its explosive popularity.

Meanwhile, famous music producers such as Kenzie, E-TRIBE, hitchiker/Jinoo of Roller Coaster, Yoo Youngsuk, Hwang Chanhee, Cheo Eunhee and Lee Jaemyung have been involved in the production of SNSD’s second album. The second album is comprised of a total of 12 tracks.

Hitchiker/Jinoo, who produced B.E.G’s ‘Abacadabra’, have been involved in producing ‘Show! Show! Show!‘, an electro-song comprised of synthesized sound with the fresh voices of SNSD members and is anticipated to bring new charm for the group. E-TRIBE, the duo producers who were involved in the creation of the hit-song ‘Gee’, have been involved with producing the trendy house-rhythm track called ‘Be Happy‘, which is characterized as a unique and cute club/dance track, with lyrics dedicated to those who struggle with their everyday lives. In particular, both ‘Show! Show! Show!’ and ‘Be Happy’ were exclusively performed by SNSD during their “Into the New World” Asia Tour, which received immensely positive feedback from the audience.

Additionally, SNSD’s second album will include a duet-song by Jessica and Tiffany called ‘Talk to Me‘, the perfect voice combination of the two members laid with a bossa-nova rhythm that is intended to relax the listeners.

Another track called ‘Boys and Girls‘ featuring SHINee’s Key, is particularly special for its melody line and groovy rhythm. The lyrics in ‘Boys and Girls’ illustrates a fun story about how “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus”, and describes the various circumstances that arise from the difference in thinking between the opposite sex.

The sheer scale of sadness in the ballad song ‘Forever‘, the impressive melody of ‘Star Star Star‘, the beautiful and sensitive track ‘Day by Day‘, the addicting electronic dance song ‘Stick Wit U‘, as well as the megahits ‘Gee‘ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish‘. The 12-track album expresses the full potential of SNSD’s diverse charm and talent.

Source: Newsen
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