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The nine member group SNSD have once again brought up the music fever with the release of their new track as it quickly rose to #1 on real-time music chart.

According to the music site Monkey3, the release of the new title track ‘Oh!’ on the 25th at 11:00AM received explosive response online and reached #1 on real-time chart.

Monkey3’s representative Lee Jung Gyoo commented, “Even though we already predicted that the new track would definitely reach #1, we were curious as to how fast it would rise to #1.” He concluded, “the new track ‘Oh!’ have topped #1 within the first ten minutes of its release and have received quicker response than ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.”

SNSD’s second album will be released on the 28th.

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[01.26.10] SNSD ‘Oh!’ Downloaded 3 Times As Much As ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’

The release of SNSD’s second album title track ‘Oh!’ on the 25th at 10:00AM (KST) has resulted in an explosive popularity.

On this day, according to the online music website Monkey3, ‘Oh!’ has quickly rose to #1 on real-time music chart within the first 10 minutes of its release. Moreover, the number of downloads and streaming of ‘Oh!’ had doubled the original amount by 2:00PM (KST).

Monkey3 predicts that the number of downloads of SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ will be 3 times as much as that of ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ which was released on June 22nd of last year.

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