800kcal for the whole day??

The truth and falsity behind SNSD’s meal plan

Interviewed with the head of A-Team, SNSD’s personal trainer Kim Jihoon.

There is still a controversial over SNSD’s meal plan; it was revealed on December of last year that SNSD consumed 800kcal per day. In response, there were mixed reactions. Some people were impressed, “As expected, celebrities are incredible”. On the other hand, others showed their concern for SNSD, “That type of meal plan is probably used for short period of time; they shouldn’t have disclosed such information. 800kcal is not even considered my snacks”.

To check whether this is true or not, I met with Kim Jihoon, SNSD’s personal trainer, the head of the A-Team.

There is still a controversy over SNSD’s meal plan. Do you acknowledge that SNSD consumes only 800kcal per day?

800kcal is false. So far, they have never disclosed someone’s meal plan to anyone. The controversy began when ‘certain trainer’ misinformed the interviewers from certain behind story program, while the head trainer was on hiatus for a month. In fact, that ‘certain trainer’ was not SNSD’s personal trainer.

The moment I read the news articles about SNSD consuming only 800kcal per day, I felt so bad for the SNSD members. That is because I knew those articles would make Soshi members” lives harder. However, it’s still my responsibility that this has happened. Even though that ‘certain trainer’ has misinformed the interviewers, I’m responsible for it.

You said it is false. Then where did 800kcal come from?

First of all, we never gave such a harsh plan that consists of 800kcal per day to any of the SNSD members. In reality, their meal plan consists of 2000kcal or more per day. As a general rule, the head of the team and the personal trainer are supposed to design the meal plan together. They must first consider the factors of ‘Activity’ and ‘Consumption’. If one were to exercise rigorously without eating right, then one would lose their muscle mass. Consequently, this will lead to a Yo-Yo diet. However, since SNSD is busy with their schedule, they don’t have much time left for exercising. As a result, we decreased their calorie intake to balance it out. If they needed to lose weight in short a period of time, there were times when we adjusted their meal plan so they would consume 1200~1500kcal per day, which varied from member to member.

SNSD members are loved because they are full of life. SNSD is one of the A team’s valued customers and there is no reason for us to hinder their promotion activities by decreasing their calorie intake and putting them through rigorous exercise programs. In general, SNSD went through healthy exercise programs. Rather than focusing on burning off their fat, they went through exercise programs which were designed to increase their muscle mass. In order to increase one’s muscle mass, it is vital to eat right. So we worked harder to design SNSD’s meal plans and recommended them to eat right.

Exercise programs and meal plans designed by the A-team for celebrities must be different from others…Can you tell us about it?

There isn’t that much of a difference. First, in order to make a personalized meal plan, be it actor/actress, singers, and normal people, we must understand their lifestyle.
Let’s take a look at an idol group like SNSD as an example; SNSD is very active so they burn off their calories quickly. That means they need a meal plan with high calorie intake.

[…] (these parts were not relevant to SNSD so I omitted them)

You promised your customers to protect their privacy. But looking at this controversy over SNSD’s meal plan, that does not seem to be the case.

Honestly, that really breaks my heart. I would like to apologize to SNSD regarding this matter. Like I have said earlier, as a leader of the A-team, I will take full responsibility for this controversy. That is why I decided to accept this interview.

I will treat this incident as a learning experience. In the future, I will do my best so that this won’t happen again.
Once again, I would like to apologize to SNSD members and other staff who were involved in this matter. I truly hope that there won’t be any more misinformed news articles about SNSD’s meal plan again.

I bolded parts that were said by Kim Jihoon

Written by: Park Heejin
Translated by: cathode @soshified.com/forums