“The wishes of the nine girls have been granted!”

Popular sensation girl group SNSD, who has dominated this year’s music industry, with hit songs ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell me Your Wish,’ had their first solo concert on the 20th, in Seoul BangYi-dong Olympic Park Fencing Stadium, which demonstrated their talents and skills as well as their incredible popularity.

In two years and 5 months after their debut with the song ‘Into the New World’ on August 2007, SNSD, in their first solo concert, performed their songs, ‘Gee,’ ‘Kissing You,’ and ‘Girls’ Generation’ as well as each member’s solo performance, captivating their fans with the variety of repertoire.

On the 19th, SNSD had a press conference before the concert. “Although we could not sleep at all because this was our very first solo concert in our lives, through our fans’ passionate support we gained strength. We were very joyful since our wish to have our first solo concert successfully, that we prayed for since we debuted, became true.” Jessica confessed, “After matching eyes with my mom, whom was in the audience, all the tears that I’ve held inside poured out all at once.”

It hasn’t been confirmed yet but SNSD plans to reveal themselves briskly to the Asian market, (as in Asia’s celebrity world) through a concert tour in Tokyo, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, Shanghai, China, and more, early next year. YoonA disclosed, “During our debut, I set a goal to let ourselves be known in Korea, but now I want to pervade SNSD into the whole of Asia.”

Credits: Sportsseoul
Translations: No1butJESSICA @ soshified.com/forums