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Female group SNSD’s member Sooyoung(19) proposed that she has crush towards the actor Koh Soo.

On 19th’s KBS Entertainment Tonight, they have met SNSD who had their first solo concert since debut. While interviewing, there was question saying “Is there someone that you regret for not personally inviting?” and SNSD’s answer was So Jisup, Kang Dongwon, Daniel Henney; enjoying the discussion like any other women.

Right then, SNSDs member Sooyoung alone yelled out “Koh Su!” , expressing that she has kept him inside of her deep heart as usual.

After this, question stating “Have you observed someone with full of interest?” went out and Sooyoung picked Koh Su once again, and just by thinking of him made her smile. Other members shouted out that Sooyoung has even prepared a cellphone charm for him.

Eventually, Sooyoung has revealed her crush towards Koh Su by secretly preparing a gift for him.

The concert of SNSD was held for the very first time since their debut, and since tickets have been sold out after 3 minutes of selling, it has brought up a collection of topics.

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