Many fans were surprised at the meals that SNSD have everyday.

On ‘VJ Behind the Story’ aired on December 17th, SNSD revealed their daily diet.
SNSD’s breakfast consists of only fruit and vegetables totalling to 200 cal (840 KJ).
Their lunch at 300 cal (1250 KJ) and dinner also at 300 cal (1250 KJ),
which makes only 800 cal (3350 KJ) a day.

SNSD revealed that their diet mainly consisted of vegetables such as pumpkins, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.
Many people were particularly surprised at the lack of carbohydrates that they consume.

The recommended dietary intake for a female adult is 2000 cal (8400 KJ).
SNSD’s dancing activity would surely consume a lot of energy;
their current amount of energy intake is very lacking for young active adults.
They mentioned that they snack on cucumbers when they get hungry between meals.

Fans sympathetically commented “contrasting to their lively appearances,
I feel sorry that they can’t even eat what they want to”
“they are at an age when they would want to eat a lot of tasty food, it must be hard.”
Many other fans said “not eating properly at a young age will lead to health issues in the future.”

Source: Newsen
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