The G7 members revealed their ‘ideal’ guy.

‘SNSD’ Sunny, ‘T-Ara’ Hyomin and ‘Kara’ Goo Hara went to buy a Christmas tree.
By coincidence they discovered 2PM socks at a stationary store.

They suggested that they hang the socks on the tree and revealed their ‘ideal’ within 2PM.
Sunny shyly whispered into Shinyoung’s ear ‘TaecYeon.’

However a powerful rival emerged. Kara’s Goo Hara also said that she likes ‘Taecyeon.’
Sunny flew into a rage and dragged Hara out to threaten her.
Kara tearfully changed her ideal to ‘NickHoon.’

Hyomin said while holding Wooyoung’s sock “please come on Invincible Youth.”

Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @