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On December 10th Super Junior, who took the Best Album award, and SNSD, who took the Best Digital Single award, celebrated after the 2009 Golden Disk Awards at a local Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul.

The two “sibling groups,” who cried and comforted each other after receiving the highest distinction awards, went to a local restaurant at 11:30 PM that night. They arrived in casual clothing with no make-up on and still could not hold their emotions in.

Usually after winning a huge award, there is an “alcohol party” to celebrate, but because most members are under age and their busy schedules the next day, they celebrated with Sprite instead.

Because Super Junior had a concert in China the next day, they were unable to drink. Lee Teuk and Kim Heechul, who are old enough to drink, mixed soju (alcoholic beverage) and Sprite together and showed an example of a *love shot. There was a total number of 50 people, which included the two groups and other staff members. They ordered 80 portions of meat and the bill came out to be $1500 (USD).

It was a chilly and rainy day, but there were 100 dedicated fans who stood outside the restaurant and chanted for Super Junior and SNSD members.

Super Junior members even held a hand-shaking ceremony for those fans who waited for them in the rain. On this day, the SM Entertainment representative Kim Youngmin and U-know Yunho of DBSK were also present to congratulate them.

* A love shot is when you link arms together with someone and drink something, usually wine.

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