The MAMA awards sponsored by Mnet Media raised issues because of its unfairness in the awards
and for boycotting SM Entertainment. SM Entertainment gave the finishing touches to the year by
sweeping most of the awards.

On December 10th from 7pm the ‘2009 Golden Disk Award Ceremony’ began.
The ‘Best Album’ award went to Super Junior and SNSD took the ‘Best Digital Single’ award.
The two grand prix awards were taken by the SM Entertainment artists.
It is the first time that a single company has taken two high distinction awards.
Super Junior was awarded the ‘Samsung YEPP Popularity’ award, the ‘Best Disk’ award
and the ‘Best Album’ totalling to three awards.

SHINee of the SM family also won a ‘Samsung YEPP Popularity’ award,
SNSD won a ‘Best Single’ award along with the high distinction ‘Best Digital Single’ award.
Amusingly, Super Junior won three, SNSD won two and SHINee won one award,
they won the number of awards according to the order that they debuted in.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk stated with teary eyes
“I want to tell Kangin who couldn’t be with us on this happy day, we truly love you.”
Kangin is currently being questioned about the incident with the assault.

Compared to SM, JYP Entertainment’s 2PM took away one ‘Disk’ award,
Big Bang’s YG Entertainment company did not win any awards.
These two companies won most of the awards in the MAMA awards.
2PM ‘Best Artist’, 2NE1 ‘Best Song’, G-Dragon ‘Best Album.’

Source: Segye
Image Credit: Sport Korea
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