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SNSD has been crowned the CF queen out of the girl groups.

Including the most recent CF, ‘Samyang Ramyun’, SNSD is signed onto 14 different products. They model for 10 products including ‘Samyang Ramyun’ ‘Chocolate Phone’ ‘SPAO’ ‘Innisfree’.

For the number of commercial appearences, SNSD is in the top 3 out of all female stars.

Korea’s top CF star is figure skater Kim Yunah. ‘Anycall’ is only one out of the 10 CFs she is modeling for.

Lee Hyori is the top CF star out of female solo singers. She is the model for the most brands. ‘Topgirl’ ‘Chueum Churum’ to name a few.

Han Yeseul is the top female actress to model for brands. She has a similar number of brands as Lee Hyori. ‘V12’ is one of the brands she models for.

SNSD has gained huge popularity this year throught their top hits ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. In only one year, they earned $100,000 by appearing on TV programs.

Translation By: honeydewlove@Soshified Forums