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Singer Psy (Birth Name: Park Jaesung) recently revealed that he has a hard time in military because of SNSD.

Psy was a guest on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together’ December 3rd. On the episode he was asked about his time in the military and revealed “I had a hard time in military because of SNSD” which got a lot of people curious.

“I went to different militaries to perform songs to get my fellow mates to cheer up. It’s not easy to get cheered on when you are a male singer but thanks to my outgoing stages I got the men to sing along with me.”

“One day as I was looking over the performance schedule I realized that I was performing right after SNSD. Because of their schedule I couldn’t ask to re-schedule so I was very disapointed. I was killed twice when I saw SNSD’s performance.”

As soon as SNSD got on the stage, everybody started screaming their lungs out singing along to every single one of their songs. At the end, the men were all crazy. When Psy got on the stage nobody did anything. They were too tired and out of breath. So Psy had to finish his performance with sadness.

This episode will be broadcasted December 3rd at 11:15 PM KST Time.

Source: newsen
Translated By: honeydewlove@Soshified Forums