On ‘Invincible Youth’ November 20th, SNSD Yuri, Sunny, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha,
4Minute Hyuna, T-Ara Hyomin, Secret Sunhwa and Kara Goo Hara started to make Kimchi.

On this cold day, while sleepily rubbing their eyes the G7 began making Kimchi.
In the midst of this, Yuri dozed off.

People began to say “how can you fall asleep while making Kimchi?”
then the comments turned around to “she must have been very tired to have fallen alseep while making Kimchi.”

Yuri woke up to say “I fall asleep if I work sitting down,”
so the G7 shouted out “then stand up and do it.”

So Yuri stood up and made Kimchi, and started to dance.
The other G7 members who were hard at work yelled out
“you’re flying dust around the place!!” Yuri was shocked.

Written by: Baek SeonYoung
Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums