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SNSD member Yuri and Sunny’s “All the members in SNSD can be fooled” statement led to explosion of laughter in the studio.

The latest recording of SBS “Strong Heart” had Sunny and Yuri exposing each others’ secrets, leading to much interest from everyone.

Yuri said first, “In fact, among all the SNSD members, Sunny is the one who made the most mistakes on stage”. Yuri then proceeded to re-enact how Sunny made mistakes on stage leading to Sunny being speechless and the studio bursting into laughter.

Not taking it lying down, Sunny started exposing Yuri’s secrets. Sunny said “Everyone who said that Yuri is a innocent Black Pearl needs to look at the real Yuri” and with that, re-enact how Yuri’s actions had got the group into some embarrassing moments, causing everyone to laugh.

This episode of Strong Heart will be broadcast on the 10th.

Translated: [email protected]
Source: JOINS

Note: The Sunny making mistakes ‘secret’ was already revealed during Champagne and some other shows. I am looking forward to the Sunny re-enacting Yuri’s actions more. It’s probably gonna be really funny. And probably how they fooled the other members, which will probably take a jab at Tiffany.