SNSD, SUJU, SHINee, F(X) will be boycotting MNet’s “Asia Music Award” (MAMA).

SM had said on the 21st that for the 2009 MAMA, the artistes under their label, Suju, SNSD, F(X) and SHINee will all not be attending it.

The reason that SM gave for boycotting MAMA was “MAMA’s voting criteria is similiar to Mnet’s music program ‘MCountdown’ and the fairness of this cannot be trusted.”

SM’s popular girl group, SNSD’s Gee had been a hit across all music programs, with an unbeatable record of 9 consecutive weeks of #1 in one particular program. However, the song had not receive any #1s from MCountdown throughout the whole promotional period.

SM had also stated that “The 2009 MAMA voting required the members to pay at least 3000W (~USD$3) before allowing them to vote”. MNet had responded that “It is to prevent excessive voting by fans, thus rigging the results.”

Similar to SM, Inwoo’s artistes such as Jang YoonJung and Park HyunBin are boycotting MAMA because of the unfairness in selection.

MNet had responded at 3PM that “SM and Inwoo’s claims are ridiculous. The selection had been completely fair,” and that “If the complains are as such, award ceremonies will be abolished. Award ceremonies are to have fun and put up a good stage for everyone who watches it.” Regarding the membership fees, MNet added that “The money will be spent on music related uses in the future.”

Translated: [email protected]
Source: SPN + Money Today + Newsen

If you ask me? Mnet is bullsh*ting.
Gee with ZERO wins on MCountdown is how rigged MNet can be. There’s NO way that Gee can’t win with its sales and popularity. MNet is just trying to cover their own faults for being rigged n biased, but failed because of how huge Gee had become. Too bad, MAMA’s gonna be the fail-est award show in Korea’s history. Go SNSD in Golden Disk Award!