Jessica – “I was a bit surprised, but it was a great feeling!”

The SNSD members recently performed at Vietnam Ha Noi,
and happily discussed a “wonderful memory” of a fan’s sudden hug.

SM Entertainment and TV Daily had a conversation over the phone saying
“After the SNSD members arrived in Vietnam, we were surprised at the fans’ fiery hot cheering,
but was glad to see that SNSD is also popular in Vietnam.”

Also, about the incident of Jessica, “it was an event of the concert, where the fans could come onto the stage.
In the midst of the confusion, a female fan jumped onto the stage and hugged Jessica.”

The fan was holding a bouquet to give to Jessica, she was sent off the stage by a bodyguard.

“SNSD and Jessica were surprised at this, but were not upset about it;
instead quite happy and let out a laugh, we had a moment of realization that SNSD was this popular in Vietnam.”

SNSD also ended the ‘Korea-Vietnam Friendship Festival’ singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World.’

Source: Nate News
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