[Newsen Reporter: Lee Mihye]

SNSD announced that the group does not use Twitter.

Recently, a Twitter account rumored to be used by SNSD has spread rapidly amongst the Netizens. In spite of this rumor, SM Entertainment officials reported that “this is completely false.”

SM Entertainment officials stated, “We are aware of the rumor amongst the fans that a certain Twitter account is used by SNSD. Even friends of the members were confused in regards to this rumor. However, this is completely false. SNSD does not own a Twitter account.”

SM officials continued, “Not only do they not use Twitter, but SNSD have never used other social networking websites such as Mini-homepage (Cyworld) and Facebook. Any news that SNSD wishes to share with the fans will be communicated through their official homepage.

Fortunately, the Twitter account was not used for malicious purposes but had spread throughout the internet only through confusion amongst the fans, so it shouldn’t cause any other problems. SM officials expressed concern in regards to this issue and “hoped that the fans were not harmed in any way because of this fake Twitter account.”

Meanwhile, SNSD members have been carrying out their individual activities after concluding the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ promotions. Taeyeon is currently the DJ for MBC FM4U ‘Chin Chin’ Radio, Yuri and Tiffany are the MC’s on MBC ‘Show! Music Core,’ and Sooyoung is the MC for MBC ‘Fantasy Partner.’

Reporter: Lee Mihye, [email protected]
Source: newsen
Translation: [email protected]/forums