[Newsen Reporter: Park Saeyeon]

SM Entertainment released a video clip introducing f(x), a brand new girl group that is becoming a hot topic of conversation.

On August 24th, SM Entertainment released a music video clip on their homepage website as well as on YouTube to announce the 5-person group f(x)’s debut single ‘LACHATA.’

The members of the girl group f(x) are Victora, Amber, Sul Li, Luna and Krystal. Out of these members, Krystal has gained early popularity as the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD.

Born in 1994 and currently attending high school in grade 8 as an SM trainee, Krystal, while preparing for her debut, has gained much attention for being Jessica’s younger sister. She also made a special appearance on the music video of SHINee’s ‘Juliette.’

f(x) is currently described as an ‘Asian pop dance group.’ Based on released video, the five members of f(x) are characterized as ‘sexy and charismatic.’

SM Entertainment officials stated to Newsen, “f(x) is to debut this upcoming fall. The average age of the members is 16.6 and the group strives to promote not only within the nation, but also overseas.”

Following the path of SES, Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace and SNSD, f(x) has gained much public interest for their potential growth as a global group.

Reporter: Park Saeyeon, [email protected]
Source: newsen
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