[Newsen Reporter: Kim Hyungwoo]

A surprise cameo appearance will be made by SNSD’s Jessica and Sunny on ‘Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun.’

Jessica will appear on MBC daily sitcom ‘Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ju Hyun’ as a private english tutor of Joon Soo (SHINee’s Tae Min) and will show off her fluent english skills. Additionally, comedian Park Myung Soo will appear on the show and perform ‘Naengmyun’ with Jessica.

Sunny plans to show off her cute and adorable ‘aegyo’ by appearing on the show as a part-time worker at a bakery store owned by Jung Sun Kyung.

On this episode, Jessica and Sunny will capture the eyes of many viewers by teaching the ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ Hacky-sack dance to the previous guests of ‘Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ju Hyun.’

This episode will be aired on the 26th of August.

Reporter: Kim Hyungwoo, [email protected]
Source: newsen
Translation: [email protected]/forums