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The total number of homepage background songs that have sold has passed the 400 million mark.

SK Communications’ Cyworld revealed in the morning of the 10th that their total sales figure for BGMs has exceeded 400 million.

After passing the 300 million mark last June, it took them about a year to sell 100 million more. They started selling BGMs in July of 2002 and it took them four years and ten months to reach 200 million songs sold by May of 2007. They have managed to sell more than 100 million songs every year since then and lead the online music market.

The company explained the popularity behind their BGM service by saying, “Because it is easy to purchase songs with acorns [Cyworld’s currency], the interests of netizens directly result in purchases.”

The company also mentioned that due to ‘Naengmyun’ from the ‘Infinity Challenge Song Festival’ hitting first place on music charts the day it was released, Cyworld is becoming the place where people can most quickly express their interests in the song.

SK Comm.’s ‘Digital Music Award’, which started in August of 2006, has vitalized the online music market. On the 20th, the combined 36th and 37th awards ceremonies will present awards to 2NE1, 4minute, Yoonsang, and No Reply, who represent a variety of genres and generations.

Chief of Contents Jang Joonyoung said, “The Cyworld BGM service is more than just a way of circulating music online. The service is energizing the online music market because we base it on the social aspect of letting people listen to their friends’ music. From now on, we will offer a download service and a mobile streaming service so many people can conveniently use online music.”

SK Comm. has released the top ten best selling songs of the year. Using the total sales figures up until July, first place goes to SNSD’s ‘Gee’. The new girl group 2NE1 has three songs in the top ten with ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Fire’, and ‘Lollipop’ so they seem to be the singers to look out for this year.

Jan.-July 2009 Cyworld BGM Total Sales ‘Best 10’
1. Gee – SNSD
2. I Don’t Care – 2NE1
3. Lollipop – 2NE1
4. Because I’m Stupid – SS501
5. Without a Heart – 8eight
6. Fire – 2NE1
7. Will You Marry Me – Lee Seunggi
8. 8282 – Davichi
9. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
10. I Made an Accident – Davichi

Reporter: Han Jioon ([email protected])
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