210,000 people crowded a homepage and cause the server to crash.

Incheon World City Festival’s official homepage (www.incheonfair.org) went offline due to too many people connecting to the site at once. The festival’s organizing committee opened an event on Daum titled ‘A Date With SNSD for a Day’. Immediately, interested netizens flooded the site with too many connections at the same time.

The committee apologized by saying, “The festival’s homepage can accommodate 10,000 connections at once because we use a big server. However, the number of netizens who wanted to apply to the event reached a maximum of 210,000 people and the server thus crashed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” However, the committee member who was apologizing had a smile on his face. This is because the festival has experienced the ‘SNSD effect’ after having the group help market the festival.

Source: http://www.sosiz.net/info_data/4916450
Reporter: Unknown/not listed
Translation: [email protected]/forums