[Newsen Reporter: Bae Sunyung]

Chinese beauty girl Eun Dongleung stated, “Out of all the SNSD members, I think Jessica has the most appealing features to Chinese men.”

On August 10th, a number of beautiful women from around the world known as the ‘global beauty girls’ appeared on the summer special of KBS 2TV ‘Mi Su Da,’ where they had the opportunity to meet the members of SNSD at Incheon during a World City Festival.
On this day, the global beauty girls commented on how happy they are right now because they “always wanted to meet the members of SNSD.”

When MC Nam Heesuk asked the question, “Which SNSD member is most popular in China?” Eun Dongleung chose Jessica and commented, “Chinese men are most attracted to ‘foxy’ looking women.” Jessica laughed, “I’ve been told I look like a fox a few times.”

MC Nam Heesuk exclaimed at Eun Dongleung’s comment, “Being popular in China means that over 700 million people likes you.”

Meanwhile, SNSD members (Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seoyeon) enjoyed the evening with the global beauty girls, whom participated in various activities such as arm wrestling, playing limbo and imitating each other.

For 80 days from August 7th to October 25th, SNSD are planning to participate as public ambassadors at the World City Festival in Incheon.

Reporter: Bae [email protected]
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