The national girl group Girls’ Generation are closing up their 2 month activity

As of the 9th of August SNSD have performed their last ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
performance of their second mini album on SBS Inkigayo.
SNSD made a comeback in 6 months and concluded
their second mini album activity in approximately 2 months.

On this day SNSD performed ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ with a special dance
from Hyoyeon attracting viewers. Out of many girl groups,
SNSD displayed the greatest popularity and trend following their 2nd mini album resignation.

SNSD being called a ‘national girl group’ as a nickname;
became the trend wave by presenting the nation’s culture code.
SNSD naturally took first place with ‘Music Bank’ and ‘Inkigayo’ for
two straight weeks and overpowering all music chart sites with their peaking popularity.

Compared to ‘Gee’ of the first half of the year,
SNSD showed us a developed and mature image of themselves
taking hold of viewers interest. The unique ‘leg line’ choreography
of the new performance made the male fans’ hearts’ flutter.

Source: Newsen
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