Kim Janghoon, ‘As Life Goes On’ “It’s embarrassing” with Soshi

“Today, when they told me that the performance in front of mine would be SNSD, I was really nervous. But when I saw that they were welcoming me, I felt that many ‘Intelligent High Schoolers’ have come. Thank you.”

Kim Janghoon’s special skills at talking and kick made around 20,000 people in the audience and SNSD smile.

On the night of the 8th at Seoul Children’s Park, Kim Janghoon decorated the finale of ‘Stand Up With Seoul Concert’ which took place on a stage in a forest-like area. Different from guests Lee Seunghwan, Bada, Cool, and SNSD, from the first song he jumped down into the audience, showing us a surprise performance. It was such an unpredictable action, that it even surprised the cameramen.

The ending performance was done together by Kim Janghoon and the musical ‘Grease’ team, the 9 members of SNSD. They sang ‘As Life Goes On’ together, and perhaps singing together with SNSD who is a lot younger was awkward, because he smiled and said “It’s embarrassing.” Kim Janghoon, who got excited during the middle of the song, he even gave fanservice by imitating the SNSD members’ dance. He said, “When will a middle-aged singer like me have another chance to perform with SNSD.” and “Today was so fun.”


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