[08.05.09] Korea’s pop culture summer award ceremony (the third annual 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice) nominees revealed!

On the 5th of August at 8pm, through the Mnet Wide Entertainment News live broadcast, the 20 award categories and nominees for 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice (which will be held for the third time) were revealed.

The 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice, which will be held on the 28th of August, is Korea’s summer pop culture award ceremony where the real culture icons among hot trendsetters will be chosen by people in their 20’s.

Different from normal award ceremonies, there will be a blue carpet at the Mnet 20’s Choice, exceptional performances, and a voting which will focus on the 20’s; and with the introduction of many new award categories, the event got praises like “An up-to-date and revolutionary concept,” which resulted in showing off their sensational lineup of award categories and nominees which you won’t be able to see at other award ceremonies.

The award categories and nominees were chosen by reporters, magazine editors, movie promoters, designers, people in charge of clothing brands, moderators of portal sites, operators of forums, university students, 50 small-scale trend leaders and from a survey on a homepage which only runs for people in their 20’s. The data was also based off an offline survey and on-and-offline data.

It’s said that several industries, which are dependent on the trends of people in their 20’s (such as fashion, broadcasting, and advertisement industries) are showing much interest in this event and with the reflecting thoughts, sense and interests of these people, the award categories and nominees of the 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice are showing us the trends of this year.

Award categories and nominees are soon 2009’s trend focus!

In the context of the 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice, an award ceremony representing the 20’s, it was decided to have 20 award categories.

The categories are decided depending on the trend each year and award categories new this year, like girl group style/mister beauty/boom up song/etc., are drawing attention. The “girl group style” award has been created due to the big influence on the fashion market through the girl group craze. Additionally, a new award called “mister beauty” has been created to focus on handsome men. Another category attracting attention is “boom up song.” This category features songs from various popular CFs and dramas.

Following the trend of the “middle-aged beauties,” Yoon Sanghyun, Go Hyunjung, Kim Namjoo, Kim Taewon, Seonwoo Yong Nyuh and other stars in their 30’s are also on the nominee list, while the F4 from the drama “Boys Over Flowers” set a record for being nominated in several categories. Especially Lee Minho, who has been nominated in 5 categories, has made 2009 his year.

This year, many love relationships have been revealed and thus it is expected that the competition in the category “Hot Couple” with Kim Yongjoon & Hwang Jungeum, No Hongchul & Jang Yoonjung, Se7en & Park Hanbyul, Junjin & Lee Shiyoung and Tablo & Kang Hyejung will be tough.

Reflecting the people and their choices, the 20 award categories and nominees for the 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice are:

1) HOT Drama Star (Male)
– Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)
– Kim Hyunjoong (Boys Over Flowers)
– Yoon Sanghyun (Queen of Housewives)
– Lee Minho (Boys Over Flowers)
– Lee Seunggi (Brilliant Legacy)

2) HOT Drama Star (Female)
– Go Hyungjung (Queen Seondeok)
– Goo Hyesun (Boys Over Flowers)
– Kim Namjoo (Queen of Housewives)
– Jang Seohee (Wife’s Temptation)
– Han Hyojoo (Brilliant Legacy)

3) HOT Movie Star (Male)
– Kang Jihwan (My Girlfriend is an Agent)
– Kim Yoonseok (Running Turtle)
– Won Bin (Mother)
– Jo Insung (Frozen Flower)
– Ha Jungwoo (National Representative)

4) HOT Movie Star (Female)
– Kim Okbin (Thirst)
– Kim Haneul (My Girlfriend is an Agent)
– Park Boyeong (Speed Scandal)
– Uhm Junghwa (Insadong Scandal)
– Ha Jiwon (Haeundae)

5) HOT CF Star
– Kwak Minseok (Minseok Look)
– Kim Yuna (Sing Sing)
– Big Bang & 2NE1 (Lolli Lolli)
– Lee Minho (Flowerboy Donut)
– Gal Maegi (Expert)

6) HOT New Star
– 2NE1
– Kim Soeun
– Wang Seokhyun
– Lee Minho
– Jang Kiha & Faces

7) HOT Variety Star
– Gil
– Kim Taewon
– Nicole
– Jung Yongrae (Seonwoo Yong Nyuh)
– Lee Haneul

8) HOT Character
– Kim Seohyung (Shin Aeri)
– Dressing room’s teacher team Kang
– Yoon Sanghyun (Taebongie)
– Eun Jiwon & MC Mong (Seob Seob Brothers)
– Lee Minho (Goo Joonpyo)

9) HOT Multitainer
– Kim Hyunjoong
– Daesung
– Yoona
– Lee Seunggi
– Lee Hyori

10) HOT Sports Star
– Kim Yuna
– Kim Yohan
– Park Jisung
– Park Taehwan
– Bong Joonggeun

11) HOT Body
– Park Jaebum
– Son Dambi
– Shin Minah
– Lee Hyori
– Jessica Gomez

12) HOT Style Icon
– Kim Yuna
– Seo Inyoung
– Son Dambi
– Lee Hyori
– G-Dragon

13) HOT Fasionista
– Kim Namjoo
– Kim Minhee
– Shin Minah
– Yoon Eunhye
– Jang Geunseok

14) HOT Girl Group Style
– Leggings
– Marine Look
– Vivid Color
– Cyborg Sunglasses
– Hot Pants

15) HOT Online Song
– 2NE1 (Fire)
– Davichi (8282)
– So Nyuh Shi Dae (Gee)
– Super Junior (Sorry, Sorry)
– 8eight (Without a heart)

16) HOT Performance
– 2NE1
– 2PM
– So Nyuh Shi Dae
– Son Dambi
– Super Junior

17) HOT Boom Up Song
– Speed Scandal Team (Superman)
– Kim Yuna (Sing Sing Sing)
– Park Boyoung (Perhaps that)
– Song Seunghun (As time goes by)
– Yoon Sanghyun (Neverending Story)

18) HOT Couple
– Kim Yongjoon & Hwang Jungeum
– No Hongchul & Jang Yoonjung
– Se7en & Park Hanbyul
– Junjin & Lee Shiyoung
– Tablo & Kang Hyejung

19) HOT Mr. Beauty
– Kimbum
– Kim Hyunjoong
– Nichkhun
– Yoo Seungho
– Yoon Sanghyun

20) HOT Summer Crush Popularity Award
– 2NE1
– 2PM
– Lee Minho
– Lee Seunggi
– MC Mong

The award categories and nominees have been revealed through the Mnet Wide Entertainment News live broadcast on the 5th of August and the list can be seen on the Mnet homepage (www.mnet.com). You can participate in the voting through the official homepage “Mnet 20’s Choice” (http://choice.mnet.com) and Mnet Mobile 2566 (mobile 2566 + internet key) starting from 9pm after the announcement on Wide Entertainment News on the 5th of August, and it is planned to add 50% of the voting results to 50% of the results of research on people in their 20’s.

Rather than just looking at the preferences of people in their 20’s, it is planned to analyze and examine more in-depth with a separation of age classes from early-middle-late, so that the award ceremonies are more convincing.

The 2009 Mnet 20’s Choice, which will unite hot trends in a hot summer, will be broadcast live on the 28th of August from the Jamsil Gymnasium from 5pm to 10pm.

Source: ArtsNews
Written by Kim Seunggi
Translated by Xeth@soshified.com/forums
Edited by Super Blue@soshified.com/forums