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Best song to listen to in Summer

The idol girl group SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (Genie)
has been hooked onto first place for the best song
out of SM Entertainment to listen to in summer.

‘Genie’ was voted to be first place on
(a Korean file sharing P2P service) during the voting period of July 31st to August 6th.
A total of 710 votes were casted, and Genie lead the votes taking more than half the votes.

‘Genie’ had 52% of the votes and had many comments such as
“the song is real ear candy as well as eye candy.”

Second place went to DBSK’s ‘Hi Ya Ya Summer Day.’
DBSK is currently having to deal with lawsuits concerning their contract with SM Entertainment,
fans comment that “the days when DBSK sang ‘Hi Ya Ya Summer Day’ was much better than now.”

Following in third place is SHINee’s ‘Juliet’ and Super Junior that recently
completed their first Asia tour ‘Super Show’ had their song ‘Sorry Sorry’ in fourth place.
Lastly BoA who is active in USA took 5th place with ‘Eat You Up.’

Source: My Daily and Osen
Translation: Just Love~! @