The male group Super Junior made a surprise transformation into Girls’ Generation and brought lots of excitement.

On the 18th, at 6 PM, Super Junior opened a performance titled The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW II’ at the Seoul Olympic Stadium Complex.

On this day, Super Junior transformed into Girls’ Generation and did a perfect cover of ‘gee,’ receiving exploding reactions starting from the audience.

Super Junior went on the stage with colorful skinny jeans and wigs copying the hairstyles of the Girls’ Generation members.

Kangin was KangFany, Heechul was HeeSica, Ryeowook was SeoWook, Kyuhyun was KyuYoung, and Donghae was YoonHae, all making parodies of the Girls’ Generation members’ names and perfectly following the Girls’ Generation choreography, bringing about roars of laughter.

Heechul in particular, who had taken the lead to produce this performance himself and to make the members practice, even made an exact imitation Jessica’s coldness and drew lots of attention.

On this day’s performance, the Girls’ Generation members who had come to watch also couldn’t help but to laugh after seeing the ‘gee’ performance, and ended up having lots of fun.

Meanwhile, on a stage with an extremely small distance from the audience, Super Junior gave a mix of dance, ballad, and even trot, presenting a performance of much variety.

With every dance step and every song, the fans responded with enthusiastic cheers, creating an amazing concert, and at the very end of the concert, tears welled in the members’ eyes, showing their thankful hearts.

The Super Junior concert, which had started on the 17th, is planned to end on the 19th, making 3 performances for 3 days.

Credits to: Naver (…009071821570153289)
Translated by: boricha. @