Girls’ Generation tells us their challenges, dreams and misunderstandings.

“It’s SNSD’s time these days isn’t it?”

From ‘Gee’ to ‘Genie’ they produced a two-in-a-row homerun.
In trendy terms, SNSD is the bomb.

However, the girls’ answers was of the unexpected.

“SNSD still has a long way to go. We still have much more to show you.”

What more could they show us? SNSD rose above expectations. They did not just
remain as a pretty girls’ singing group, but they conducted a trend in song and
fashion. Their first product was ‘Gee.’ The addicting song became a textbook
answer for other vocal artists, and their primary coloured skinny jeans led a new
fashion code on the streets.

SNSD yet again attempted a new transformation. Through ‘Genie’ they threw away
repetitive choruses and their cute skinny jeans. Instead they reintroduced
themselves through Euro dance and a refreshing marine military appeal.

“We don’t want to dwell on trends. We wanted to create a new trend. That’s why we
got rid of the addiction song and took off our skinny jeans. We wanted to escape
from our own trend and recreate a new one.”

They want to show us more, and do more. Their satisfaction of ‘SNSD’ is far from

◆ Challenge – Create a trend

Through ‘Gee,’ ‘SNSD’ created a trend exceeding imaginations. ‘Gee’ was more
than just an addictive ear tingling song. Their vivid skinny jeans, vintage t-shirts,
vocals, dances all became the latest craze. Many parodies of ‘Gee’ were born and
the streets flooded with fluorescent skinny jeans.

What would the new album be like. After getting rid of the addictive style, the
market was half in doubt. This was because the entire public was into the current
trend ‘Hook song’ (addictive song). However, SNSD dressed up the media pop
dance style with ‘electronica.’ When other idol groups were hesitant to transform,
SNSD expanded their domain of style.

“The members really like to try and challenge themselves in new things. We are
always in the pursuit of something new. We have more fun challenging ourselves
than following trends. It was like that creating the ‘Genie’ album. We wanted to
show you a more developed and evolved SNSD. The trend was ‘Hook songs’ but
we ultimately avoided it.” – Kim Taeyeon.

It was definitely a new trial. They threw away the ‘Cute, Petite and Innocent’ set. Instead
they introduced a heavy electric tune, defining themselves from other idol groups.
It was the intention of showing a higher level of maturity.

It was the same with style. They dressed themselves in thigh exposing uniform
skirts. It was the new combination of military and cosplay. They also presented
themselves with a sexy new ‘Hacky sack’ choreography to show off their delicate
leg lines.

The challenge was another happiness for ‘SNSD.’ They experienced this through
‘Gee.’ Who would have thought the repetitive melody would be addicting instead of
annoying? The bright skinny jeans could have been thought to be an unrefined
look, instead it swept the nation.

The nine girls of ‘SNSD’ said in unison that they were not afraid to construct
another trend.

“Truth be told, when we were active with ‘Gee’ we weren’t exercising a trend. It was
just music, clothes and unstylish. But we tried it and it became a craze. It’s the
same with ‘Genie.’ The music and style may be strange at first but we are show
you will enjoy it.” – Hwang Miyoung, Choi Sooyoung, Jung Sooyeon

◆ Misunderstanding – Tell it through performance

‘SNSD’ is not loved by everyone. There exists those who glare at ‘SNSD.’ This is
evident by the growing number of rumours, gossip and criticism. It was the same
with this new album. From the Japanese album cover incident, to the swear word
incident, ‘SNSD’ had to endure these pains.

The album cover incident did not blow over easily even after modifying the images.
Many misunderstood people commented if this had something to do with Japanese

The nine members did not cry over this, but prepared themselves for a formal
answer to the incidents.

“We found out that from the responses that many people have a close eye on us.
We prepare ourselves to present a good performance rather than be distressed. A
performer talks to the audience through her performance.” – Kim Taeyeon

Each of the members have troubles through their individual activities. The way that
the members talk on television programs also created misunderstandings of being
ill mannered and rude. Even from their young trainee days they are surrounded by
misunderstandings of being ‘contained.’

What is the actual truth? “The time for jealousy is long gone.”

“There is a time when we can have individual activity. Jealousy? Sure at first, but
not now. We get a lot of misunderstandings on TV shows since we talk quite
truthfully and honestly. We’re just lively youths. And being ‘contained?’ there is
word about that since we were trained from an early age. We are just being careful
with our actions, it’s not like we are like goldfish in a bowl.” – Jung Sooyeon, Kwon

◆ Dreams – Overseas activity

The new album’s title song is ‘Genie, Tell Me Your Wish.’ It has the underlying
concept that the ‘Genies’ of the lamp will fulfil your wish. Then what are SNSD’s
real wishes? They want their new album to be a success, but on a larger scale they
want to be active internationally.

Their first wish is the new album’s success. They do have a slight burden of doing
better than ‘Gee.’ They wish to break their record of nine week first place rating on
music charts.

“It’s true we felt pressure to do much better than before. So we worked hard to
present an improved song, style and dance. We have confidence in ‘Tell Me Your
Wish.’ We wish the fans would respond with vigour.” – Kim Hyoyeon, Seo Joohyun,
Im Yoona

If their short time goal is for album success, then their long time goal is to be
internationally active. They do envy the idol groups overseas such as ‘Wonder
Girls’ and ‘DBSK.’ But they say they are in the stage of preparing things one by

“Since the eldest son and daughter are out (Sooyoung expressed Boa and
DBSK’s overseas activity in this way) we really want to be on the big stage. But I
don’t think it’s our time. We need to be more educated about the language and
culture first. But we believe that our bright and cheerful feel will bring responses
everywhere.” – Kwon Yuri, Kim Taeyeon, Choi Sooyoung

‘SNSD’ dream of becoming trend leaders. When they laugh and play they are
surely just youthful girls. But when they dream of Asia and the world they are no
longer little girls. SNSD say they still have a long way to go because they have
much more to accomplish.

Source: Sports Seoul
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Published by: Na Jiyeon Reporter