[07.13.09] What is the secret behind MyungCaDrive “Naengmyun”‘s popularity? “There are many hidden stories”

MyungCaDrive’s (Park Myungsoo + Jessica + E-Tribe’s team name) “Naengmyun” is gaining tremendous popularity.

MyungCaDrive’s “Naengmyun”, which was revealed at the MBC “Infinity Challenge” Olympic Highway Duet Song Festival, is becoming a hit on both on- and offline-charts.

“Naengmyun”, which is sung by MyungCaDrive (Park Myungsoo – So Nyuh Shi Dae Jessica), went up to No.1 on the current Cyworld real time charts. It’s even at the point that some fans are talking nonsense like “Jessica beat So Nyuh Shi Dae’s song”.

MyungCaDrive was created through Park Myungsoo personally contacting Jessica. Park Myungsoo had chosen his partner Jessica personally. In a recent interview with Newsen, Jessica said laughingly: “Park Myungsoo contacted me personally. The “Infinity Challenge” members could choose all their partners personally and Park Myungsoo came to me with the idea that he wants to do it with me. I was very thankful.”

Furthermore, she said: “It was really fun recording it. Park Myungsoo always sang the song perfectly. I was surprised. It was a pleasant duet harmony.”

And it was also revealed that “Naengmyun” was originally One Two’s new song.

“Naengmyun” is a summer dance song and a present from the composers E-Tribe who also composed SNSD’s hit song “Gee”. On the 13th, a representative explained Newsen: “”Naengmyun” was a song which was supposed to be on One Two’s new album. The song was created when E-Tribe and One Two occasionally talked about Naengmyun (cold noodles).”

He said: “With the idea of creating a song using Naengmyun as item, E-Tribe composed it for One Two. It was considered to be the second song following the original title track “Starry Night”. And further, he revealed: “We were contacted by “Infinity Challenge” in that situation. We were pleased to give it away after hearing, that “Infinity Challenge” would use the song for donations.”

Source: Newsen
Written by Kim Hyungwoo
Translated by [email protected]/forums
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